Address: 37 Bonemill Road, Runcorn QLD
Phone: 1300 733 053
Contact: Anieka McDonagh (Coordinator)
Coach name: Humberto Angerami

Runcorn pool.

COVID-19 Update:

Brisbane City Council has advised us today that the Brisbane Aquatic Centres are to be closed. As a result, we will be temporarily closing our squad program at the end of sessions today (23/03/2020). All direct debit will be suspended so you will not be charged squad fees.

This is a big challenge for all in the community and in particular for our dedicated coaches - Rackley Swimming is committed to reopening at the first opportunity and we will keep you informed. Enjoy a well deserved break and look after yourself and your families. We look forward to getting back in the pool and squad training again.


Rackley Runcorn caters for all swimmers from learn to swim to an elite level. The club provides highly qualified coaches and support staff that allows each swimmer to reach their full potential. The facility has a 8 lane 25 meter pool with squads operating all year round.

NEW Timtebale - October 2019

Welcome to our new coach - Charles Wan 


Pool Opening hours

Mon to Thurs: 5.30am - 8pm

Fri: 5.30am - 6pm

Sat & Sun: 8am - 5pm



Charles Wan

Charles Wan (Junior Development Coach - Runcorn)

Charles is a Bronze level coach who has 4 years of experience in  Learn to Swim. He has experience conducting school level swimming programs and physical education components for his local schools.  Prior to coaching, Charles worked in scientific and academic research with a BScApp(Hons). He brings with him a wealth of knowledge from his scientific and medical background.

Charles is a long time swimmer and has a unique perspective both as a coach and as a parent of competitive swimmers. As such, he applies his philosophy of hard work, focus on technique, with elements of fun to engage and drive his students to achieve their best.

Club Nights are held on Friday nights between September and March.  Club nights are about building team spirit and putting into practice what swimmers learn in training.  They are also a good occasion for parents and carers to connect and see their swimmers in action. We look forward to your involvement and feedback on how we make it a great experience for all our swimmers regardless of their level.

Nominate for club night

Club Night dates

3rd March 2017

17th March 2017

Club Night Results

All swimmers in these squads are required to call/text/email the coach if unable to attend a session.

Click here to download the timetable

Squad Fees 
Junior Squad (J1)*  $80.00
Junior Squad $130.00
Bronze Squad $155.00
Senior Squad $155.00

* J1 squad members can swim once a week - all other squads have access to unlimited sessions

PLEASE NOTE : Please note the monthly rates are calculated based on an annual amount spread across 12 monthly payments, rather than a term-based approach. The amount takes into account expected breaks/holiday periods for swimmers. For breaks of more than 4 weeks (or in case on injury) please contact the centre manager to organise a payment suspension during the period you are away (Noting that on return your time/day for squads may vary depending on availability).

All squad fees are payable via Direct Debit on a monthly basis. Swimmers will be issued with a scan card that must be presented to reception at each visit. Although swimmers are able to access as many sessions per week that are available for their level, we do ask parents to nominate the days and sessions they wish their child to attend. This will ensure that we are not overcrowding lanes, and that all children are receiving individual attention from their coaches. Attendances for all sessions will be tracked via our database to ensure that capped numbers are being maintained. Providing spaces are available you may increase the number of sessions, or change your day and time at any time by contacting our customer service team at Centenary.

Please refer to the Squad Timetable for days and times available for each squad level.

South - Celebrating success

South - Meets

Rackley South SC Meet 2017